Trying to break myself as a woman..

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Trying to break myself as a woman from the shackles of society of being a complete woman! A woman in its own self is being complete however there was yet a ‘complete’ certification from the society. A society which said if you are 21 years and not married if you are 24 years and still not married maybe there was a flaw in you, if you are 28 and not married ‘how would you even find a good single boy to marry you?’ and then its either the leftovers or the divorces or the depressed single souls. My question here is do we need a man to complete US?

Role of man in stages of our lives

Education – As a father who would educate us and I was fortunate enough of a dad who made me a national level debater and elocutionist

Women’s Rights – My father told me I was I am and I will be his son and no one has the right to make me feel any inferior

Children – This was the most tricky bottle neck of my life where motherhood seemed like the epitome of womanhood. You will be treated inferior and you will be undermined by the society for being a strong woman. You will be undermined for being career oriented and not be able to pop babies at the same time. Because you’re a woman you are expected to look after the house and pop babies and look after your business or work! Ah because we need to have a multitasking degree in all walks of our lives. If we couldn’t cook our parents dint teach us anything? If we loved too much we are overly sensitive? If we cared too much we are open to be taken for granted? And if we cannot produce babies we are the most incompetent in life. Because as a woman if we cant reproduce our life is a failure!

What about all the silent cries in the bathroom hearing our best friend is pregnant or hearing our younger ones are pregnant and our attempts have been ‘FAILED’ The failed pregnancy tests, the remorse that comes from getting the period after trying for a child for years, after giving up on food to everything you like for the child you want, whilst the world is here to only pass judgment on what you are doing wrong and what you must do in order to succeed as this task.

I want to tell all the women out there, the tasks every human is on this earth to fulfill, and isn’t even close to it – humanity, peace, selflessness, love, peace, harmony naming a few. And we burden our selves as the producer, as the reproduction holy grail, as it is our responsibility as a woman or we are a failure. This is where we begin from, we need to liberate our thoughts to be who we are, where we come from, what we feel.

The most importantthings to love are – where, what, when, how and ‘never/not’ WHY. Because we don’t know why a hurricane hit and killed so many people why a tsunami killed all those people. So liberate yourselves from the WHY –  Because you cannot take the blame and be the cause of every tiny unfilled vortex of this universe.


Live a little. Give very woman the power to love a little more. Motherhood or marriage is not a stamp of being a woman there much to that. Help that unleash from within yourselves from within every other woman you meet. And let us make this place in actuality not overrated hypocrisy sound like a safe place – physically, mentally, emotionally, and a step ahead ‘soulfully’ sound, safe, solitude peaceful to live in. This is every humans birthright more like – LADIES FIRST 😉 (only in this case)

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