Why I stand with GGF4Her

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Why I stand with GGf4Her – Rashmi Shukla

I was a young girl when KiranBedi shattered the glass ceiling and became the first ever woman IPS officer. Recently, it made my heart swell with pride to see the first batch of three female pilots — AvaniChaturvedi, BhawanaKanth and Mohana Singh commissioned into the Indian Air Force. Then there are the spectacular images that we have all seen of women scientists at ISRO celebrating one space success after another. We sent our largest ever contingent to the Rio Olympics, and it took the grit, determination and unrelenting spirit of two young women – PV Sindhu and SakshiMallik to save us the blushes. Everywhere I look around me today I see stories of women battling huge odds – and succeeding.


On the other hand, there are the heart-rending stories of our young girls being brutally raped, murdered, trafficked, attacked with acid, and left destitute in a rough world.

And that is why I, RashmiShukla, Commissioner of Police, Pune, stand with GGF4Her. Because each one of us needs to. We need to come out in large numbers and stand up with and for organisations, institutes, initiatives that are working to make the world a better place for its women.


Another reason I stand with GGF4Her is because the police as a force works best when it is supported by the large civilian population it seeks to defend. Timely inputs, awareness, preemptive care – all of this goes a long way in promoting an atmosphere of safety and security.


Through the GGF4Her platform I will look forward to sharing my views, my concerns, my insights and my inputs with all of you on a regular basis. I also look forward to hearing from all of you. Write in to me. Speak to me of your fears about the city, of your hopes and aspirations for this wonderful city, what changes you would like to witness, what changes you would like to participate in.


GGF4Her is a wonderful platform for us to stay connected. Together, we can make great things happen. And this is just the beginning.

Wishing GGF4Her all the very best. And looking forward to a long, mutually rewarding journey together,



Commissioner of Police


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