A Room of My Own

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Sonu Gupta

Let me rephrase for you what Virginia Woolf had once quoted – a woman must have money and a room of her own to be able to grow. This is my firm belief. Being a woman entrepreneurI have often had to face existential crises at some point in life. And today, as we embark on this beautiful journey called GGF4Her I am more than happy to share with you some parts of my story.


I was a very young girl when I asked myself what success means for me. And today, when I look back at the young girl who both asked the question and found her answer, I see that she more or less nailed it. For me, for as long as I can remember, success has meant the achievement of a perfect balance between the realization of my aspirations and the fruitful nurture of my family.


I was an ambitious young girl who wanted it all. I feel very blessed to say today that life has shown me that young girls can indeed have it all – careers as well as fulfilling family lives, busy schedules as well as me time, business like efficiency as well as pampering fit for a princess.


Of course, at no point in time do I claim that it is easy. Only that it is possible. And here’s how I have worked towards making it possible.


I take each day as it comes. I start each day by listing out my priorities. My morning routine is important to me. I sit down, calm my mind, clear it of all clutter; I list down my priorities. No matter what my other responsibilities might be I consciously create some me time. And this is my tuppence for all of you wanting to steal away some moments but not knowing quite how to do it – Begin your day with exercise, power yoga or meditation. Pamper yourself at a beauty parlour at least once in a month. Beauty boosts a woman’s confidence. Read that book you have been planning to. Go shopping and catch up with your old friends. Pursue a career you enjoy. Invest in a hobby. Your inner health is as vital as your physical health.


One of my biggest de-stressors has been my children. I have often seen women give up their career under the impression that their children would benefit from it. Let me urge each one of you to dismiss that notion out of hand. A working woman can give the best professional and moral guidance to her children. She is a woman of the world with a mind of her own. Why depend on anyone else’s opinion to shape your child’s future?You be his closest confidante, his worst critic and his supreme inspiration. Even if your child doesn’t admit it he will move mountains for your approval. Every day I make it a point to spend quality time with my children. I personally coach them and plan fun activities that help me bond with my children. Unnecessary chores can be best left to domestic help. The less privileged working mothers can plan their ‘me’ time around their children. Invest in a hobby that you and your child both enjoy, go to movies together, go shopping together. Motherhood is a giant step that should be taken only when you are ready for it.


Again those ladies who vouch for a financially sound career before anything else, plan carefully. For those who have started a late career, don’t despair. Compromises and adjustments must be made for you to attain your goals. It’s difficult, not impossible. On the day I became a bride my grandmother had told me that “Your family is your fixed deposit. Invest all the love and care you can. And when the time comes they will provide you with the strongest support when you need it.” I invest in my family on a daily basis. Let me assure you the returns are mind-boggling!


Your priorities shall change from time to time. Change is inevitable, and desirable too for our growth. So don’t be too harsh on yourself. You are a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a confidante, a professional, an inspiration to all. You belie your true worth on innumerable occasions. Love yourselves ladies! Only then can you do justice to your other roles.

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