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This season, GGF4Her makes a commitment to save, and help save one of the most valued commodities on Earth – Water.

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Humans have been driven forward by our inborn and unappeasable thirst for knowledge, to know why and how. To answer what seems unanswerable.  And why did we want to know more? Because collectively as a society, we cared.

We cared about where we came from. We cared about the answers to our questions. We cared enough to ask questions.

But now, as life becomes, easier, faster and better, our desire fades away in the complexities of surviving in the jungle outside the jungle.

We stop caring.

So here is why you should care:

Every single day, twenty seven thousand trees are cut down to produce toilet paper.

Now, only 1% of our planet’s water supply can be used with 97% being salt water and 2% being frozen. For now.

A glass bottle made now, will take four thousand or maybe more years to decompose.

Aluminum and its products can be recycled forever. In other words, a single soft drink can, can power your TV for up to 3 hours forever!

One average supermarket goes through 60,500,000 paper bags a year! That’s more than the amount of dead in the Second World War!

Plastic garbage thrown into the oceans kills up to 1,000,000 sea creatures annually.

A dishwasher uses more water than hand-washing all the dishes.

The amount of wood and paper that we throw away each year is enough to power 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.

Recycling a single run of the New York Times can save 75,000 trees.

The Earth needs us. It’s our home. Our only home. And we must protect it from the harm we inflict upon it by not caring. Until we find another planet to inhabit among the stars and even after that, we must conserve and protect our Earth.

Our time starts now.

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It is no secret that water is scarce. That people are dying every day because they don’t have enough water. That water right now is far more important than fuel or petrol or carbon or the silverback gorilla.

We have taken water for granted, wasting more each passing moment. Thinking less. Caring little.

As more than 5 million children die per year in India alone because they didn’t get enough water, or got too much polluted water, you throw another bucket of clean water on your newly bought car to wash it clean of some dirt it picked up a half hour ago.

92 million people in India do not have access to clean drinking water, so think twice before you throw away the water in the glass that you couldn’t be bothered to finish.

A UN official recently said that at the rate water is being used, and the mass pollution of all rivers, in 20-25 years 40% of the world’s population will not have access to clean water and one third of the global population will not have access to clean drinking water.

And yet, that leaky faucet isn’t fixed.

“Who could it be hurting?” you’d say.

Well, now you know.

The water situation is a ticking time bomb, and its tick-tock is speeding up. As the world continues doing what it’s doing to water, using it up faster than we are using petrol, polluting all known water bodies, the tick-tock will speed up even faster.

And when you think about it, it’s ironic.

Life started in water. And, now, it will end in it.

We really have come full circle.

So, what can you do? It’s simple

  • The next time you find yourself washing your car for the second time in a week, don’t.
  • Fix that leaky faucet.
  • Don’t take those long baths.
  • And all you big industrial giants; make sure you treat that water and not dump it into rivers. Our rivers. Not yours alone.
  • Don’t throw away that bucket of water you didn’t need.
  • The next time you’re on the banks of the river, or swimming in one, don’t pollute it.
  • Don’t waste water while brushing.
  • Shave with as little water as needed.
  • Don’t keep taps running while doing both.